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OD&D Supplement 1 - Greyhawk

1st Print

11th Print
2nd Print GK logo
Greyhawk is a general rules expansion, with new combat rules, additional character classes (paladin and thief), as well as new monsters, spells, and treasure.

Errata Sheet

The First printing of Greyhawk (with the "GK" logo), when compared to later prints, shows the following differences: it has the words "Additional" and "Supplement I" in a different, expanded-style font, the cover artwork is slightly larger, and the internal typeface is much more condensed (similar to that of the early Original D&D Set booklets). Also, the price for a "Multi-Dice Set" in the rear catalog has "$1.75" scratched out, and "$2.50" hand-written in pen next to it. The booklet is 56 pages long, and was printed by Graphic Printing of Lake Geneva. The inside cover does not have a printing date, though we believe it was printed in February 1975. Being released in roughly the same time frame as the Second Print of the Original D&D Set (of which only 2000 copies were printed), it is easy to surmise that the print run of this version was 1000 copies or less.

The Second print of Greyhawk bears either a GK logo or a Lizard logo, with cover text/artwork size differences as depicted in the scan to the right, and is now 68 pages long (due entirely, it appears, to the new internal typeface). Though both versions state "Second Printing, July 1975" on the copyright page, the Lizard-logo version was actually printed between September and December 1975. The Second print (and all later printings) were printed by Heritage Models of Dallas, Texas.

Second prints and later of Greyhawk have multiple textual errors. These errors were never corrected in the main body of any subsequent print; however, an errata sheet appears on the last page of the Third and later prints. Beginning with the Third print, the cover illustration was slightly enlarged over previous prints. All prints reference "Hobbits" on page 5, even though that term should have been corrected at least by the Eighth print.

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  1. Yep remember those, and the early years of White Dwarf. Somewhere I have a copy of Chainmail rules by Gygax that predates all of these.